Laser Hair Removal T&Cs

The following are our Terms and Conditions for Diode Laser hair removal treatments:

Laser hair removal clients are entitled to a free consultation. A patch test comes at a charge of €10, which is deducted when purchasing a laser package deal.

Laser hair removal clients will be asked personal and medical history questions which are obligatory and must be sincerely answered, as this can affect the person receiving the treatment and treatment results. The processing of your personal data will take place in strict accordance with chapter 586 of the Laws of Malta (Data Protection Act – the ‘Act’) and the EU Regulation 2016/679(General Data Protection Regulation the ‘GDPR’)

Laser hair removal treatments on individuals under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian when attending the consultation. An authorisation signature will be required on the data/consent forms.

Laser hair removal treatments are carried out by professionally trained therapists who will decide when treatment is needed. These are carried out depending on the treatment results and the understanding of the professional therapist applying the treatment.

Treatment sessions are only carried out on those clients that have been through a consultation, filled in a consent sheet and purchased either individual or package sessions for the agreed areas. Card owners can share their cards with friends or relatives and have no expiry date.

Laser hair removal treatments are by appointment only and depending on availability. Every appointment is allotted a time and is based on the areas to be treated, as per areas agreed for purchased packages. Therefore, any additional areas or treatment, must be booked when the appointment is organised to avoid disappointment. The duration of the treatment may be reduced if the client arrives late for the appointment.

Appointments are the client’s responsibility to abide by respectfully. We do our best not to keep anyone waiting. Please notify the salon at least two days prior to a confirmed appointment, should you need to change or cannot commit to your scheduled appointment.

Laser hair removal clients are given pre-treatment advice, the most important one being to shave 24 hours prior to treatment. If this is not followed, then the scheduled treatment time may be deducted. Post-treatment advice is also given. It is imperative that the client abides by the post-treatment advice because if it is disregarded, the treatment results will evidently be affected and could cause skin adverse reactions, which we will not take responsibility for.

Laser hair removal packages will not be accepted after five years from the date of the first session done. Any unutilised period is non-refundable. Packages agreed cannot be changed or used in conjunction with any other offer.

Laser hair removal payment terms are: full payment on purchase date.

Other Terms and Conditions may apply at the discretion of Essence of Beauty Management.

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