Guam Fangocrema Fresco, Seaweed Anti-cellulite Cream, Cold Formula 250ml


This refreshing anti-cellulite cream contains GUAM Seaweed, Phyto-complex of natural potent botanical extracts of Ivy, Centella, Horse-chestnut, and Birch as well as Caffeine and Menthol. GUAM Cooling Formula Mud-Based Cream can be used every day on its own or combined with GUAM Seaweed Body Wraps. This cellulite reduction cream fresh cooling formula is also suitable for sensitive skin.

Anti-cellulite cream benefits:
Rich in a cocktail of anti-cellulite ingredients
Penetrates deep into the tissue to work on a cellular level
Works instantly to provide an anti-cellulite effect
Contains a cooling and soothing actives
Revitalizes and tones the skin
Suitable for everyone, even for those with sensitive skin

How it Works:
The highly effective and potent anti-cellulite composition of the Guam Fangocrema Fresco Anti-Cellulite Cream is aimed at eliminating the fat and connective tissue compartments under the skin of legs and buttocks. It acts by stimulating the microcirculation, ensuring an unobstructed supply of blood to cellulite-ridden areas. The anti-inflammatory effect relieves the body of toxin accumulation. READ MORE about Guam Cold Formula

Also, the Phyto-extracts of plant origin in it provide hydrating and rejuvenating properties. Caffeine facilitates an instant slimming and smoothing effect. The formula is incorporated with active forms of anti-cellulite elements with the addition of a cooling complex, menthol vapor, to refresh and soothe the skin. The natural and mild contents of the cream make it equally suitable for people with sensitive and dehydrated skin.

Precautions for Use:
Avoid contact with eyes and other delicate areas of the body. Not recommended for people with an allergy to any of the active ingredients used in the cream.


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