Rejuve Corporal Thermal Lipo 120ml


A product with a warming effect that due to its special formulation, stimulates the blood and lymphatic circulation, boosts up the metabolism of fat cells and speeds up the elimination of toxins.
It is ideal for the prevention and treatment of cellulite, fluid retention that favours cellulite conditions and reduction of excess fat stores.

How to use
Apply a few pumps and then with upward rhythmic movements, massage the product starting from the feet moving upwards, following the direction of the lymph flow, towards the direction of the heart, until the product is completely absorbed. Any temporary redness is a sign of increased blood and lymphatic circulation.

When to use
To be used morning or evening prior to the Corporal Slimmer or Corporal Remodeling Serum.

Main actives:
• Ethyl Nicotinate, causes vasodilation and increase in blood and lymphatic circulation.
• A must in cellulite treatment.
• Improves metabolism and favors absorption of actives


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