Rejuve Interactive Cellular White 50ml


Cellular White combines powerful whitening ingredients and it regulates the pigmentation process through complementary pathways: Natural arbutin from bearberry powerfully inhibits tyrosinase, the key enzyme of pigmentation process, while glutathione and vitamin C reinforce the activity with their whitening and antioxidant properties.

• Lecithin- dispersing agent for pigments and as an antioxidant.
• Arbutin- promotes whitening and evens skin tone. Inhibits oxidation of tyrosine, melanin production, thus preventing hyperpigmentation.
• Linoleic acid- facilitates in making skin barrier stronger so it can effectively keep water in and irritants out.
• Tocopheryl acetate- stable form of vitamin E, protects cell membranes from damage by oxygen free radicals. It can prevent premature aging induced by
UV radiation and lipid peroxidation.
• Ascorbyl palmitate-Stimulates collagen production, smooth fine lines and wrinkles, evens skin tone and protects from free radical damage.
• Glutathione- fights oxidative stress and has skin lightening benefits.

Benefits of use
• Safely inhibits the pigmentation process
• Reduces melanin synthesis
• For a luminous, even skin tone

How to use
After cleansing the skin, apply one of the booster toners (preferably the Nano C)
and apply 2-3 pumps of Cellular White onto the whole face. Massage well until
is absorbed and then apply the moisturizer and sunscreen. It is best combined
with the Nano C and Cell Renewal


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