Rejuve Interactive Oxyclear Cleansing Mousse 150ml


A gentle foaming cleanser that can be applied in all areas of the face, neck and eye area.

Oxyclear Cleansing Mousse a delicate product, cleanses all skin conditions, thoroughly removes impurities without disturbing the skin’s natural moisture balance.
It contains perfluorocarbons, a unique gas carrier of oxygen, which allow the skin to breathe to optimum levels and self-regulate better in polluted environments. A ideal healing and detoxification agent.A cleansing mousse with a light consistency, which when massaged, turns into a silky foam, effectively removing keratinised cells, sebum and impurities from the skin.

Clinically tested formula which, thanks to the content of Perfluorodecalin, contributes to a considerable increase in the amount of oxygen in the skin by restoring the level of hydration and preserving its pH, leaving it pleasantly clean and soft.

How to use
Apply 2-3 pumps and massage all over the face and neck for 1 – 2 minutes,
day and night, as a first step of your daily routine.
Rinse with warm water.


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