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Lash Extensions Looks and Techniques


Classics, Hybrid, and Volume lash extensions are three different techniques used to achieve various eyelash looks. Here’s a breakdown of the key differences between these three types:

Classic Lash Extensions:

Technique: In classic lash extensions, a single individual extension is applied to each natural eyelash. This results in a 1:1 ratio, meaning one extension per natural lash.

Look: Classic lashes provide a natural and subtle enhancement. They add length, definition, and curl to the lashes, mimicking the effect of mascara.

Ideal Candidates: People with a normal to abundant number of healthy and strong natural lashes are suitable for classic lash extensions. Those who prefer a natural look and don’t necessarily need extra volume might opt for classic lashes.

Hybrid Lash Extensions:

Technique: Hybrid lashes are a combination of classic and volume lash techniques. They involve applying a mix of individual extensions and handmade volume fans to the natural lashes.

Look: Hybrid lashes offer a balance between the natural effect of classic lashes and the volume of volume lashes. They provide more fullness and dimension compared to classic lashes while still maintaining a somewhat natural appearance.

Ideal Candidates: Hybrid lashes are great for individuals who want more volume and a slightly bolder look than classic lashes but aren’t looking for the maximum volume of volume lashes.

Volume Lash Extensions:

Technique: Volume lashes involve attaching multiple ultra-fine extensions (often referred to as “fans”) to a single natural lash. This can range from 2D (two extensions per natural lash) to even 6D or more.

Look: Volume lashes create a dramatic, full, and voluminous effect. They are ideal for those who want a more glamorous and eye-catching look, with significantly increased density and darkness.

Ideal Candidates: Volume lashes are suitable for individuals with sparse natural lashes who desire a bold, dense, and intense lash appearance.

In summary, the main differences between these lash extension techniques are the number of extensions applied per natural lash, the resulting look, and the ideal candidates. Classic lashes provide a natural enhancement, hybrid lashes offer a middle ground between classic and volume, and volume lashes deliver a striking and voluminous look. When deciding which type of lash extensions to choose, it’s important to consider your natural lash characteristics, desired outcome, and personal preferences, a consultation with our professional lash technician with expert advice will guide you to choose the best set for you.

Different techniques to the lash extensions application that suit you!

Each lash look application technique creates a distinct appearance by altering the way eyelashes are styled and positioned. Here’s a breakdown of the differences between natural eye, open eye, cat eye, and doll eye lash application techniques:

Natural Eye Lash Look:

The natural eye lash look aims to enhance the lashes while maintaining a subtle and understated appearance. This technique involves applying lashes evenly across the lash line, focusing on enhancing the length and thickness of the natural lashes. The result is a soft and effortless look that adds definition without appearing overly dramatic or obvious.

Open Eye Lash Look:

The open eye lash look is designed to create the illusion of larger, more awake eyes. This technique involves applying lashes that are longest at the center of the lash line, gradually decreasing in length towards the inner and outer corners. The longer lashes at the center of the eyes help to lift and open up the eyes, making them appear wider and more inviting.

Cat Eye Lash Look:

The cat eye lash look is inspired by the winged eyeliner style and aims to give a flirty and alluring appearance. In this technique, longer lashes are applied to the outer corners of the eyes, creating a subtle winged effect that mimics the shape of a cat’s eye. This style emphasizes the outer edges of the eyes, adding a sense of drama and sophistication.

Doll Eye Lash Look:

The doll eye lash look is characterized by its focus on the center of the lash line, giving the eyes a round, doll-like appearance. This technique involves applying lashes that are longer in the middle of the eyes and gradually shorter towards the inner and outer corners. The result is a wide-eyed, innocent look reminiscent of a doll’s eyes.

It’s important to note that the effectiveness of these techniques can vary depending on factors such as individual eye shape, lash length, and personal preferences. The choice of lashes, their length, thickness, and curl can all be adjusted to achieve the desired effect. Our Professional Lash technician will suggest one application of these techniques to complement various eye shapes helping individuals to achieve their desired eye appearance, whether it’s a natural, open, cat eye, or doll eye lash look.

Popular way to start…

Starting with Classic Lashes: Classic lash extensions involve attaching a single extension to each natural lash. This provides a more natural and subtle look. It’s a great choice for those who are new to lash extensions and want to get accustomed to the feeling of having extensions.

Transitioning to Hybrid or Volume Lashes: Hybrid and volume lash extensions offer a denser, fuller, and fluffier effect. Hybrid lashes combine classic and volume techniques, while volume lashes involve attaching multiple lighter extensions to a single natural lash. These options are ideal for those who want a more dramatic and glamorous appearance once they’re comfortable with lash extensions.

Consideration of Natural Lash Health: The health, strength, and thickness of your natural lashes play a significant role in determining which type of extensions you should go for. If your natural lashes are fragile or sparse, a lighter option like classic or hybrid might be a better choice to avoid causing stress on your natural lashes.

Addressing Lash Line Gaps and Thinness: If you have gaps in your lash line or naturally thin and sparse lashes, volume lash extensions can be a game-changer. Volume lashes can fill in those gaps and create a lush, full look that classic lashes might not achieve.

Desired Final Look: The type of lash extension you choose depends on the effect you want to achieve. If you’re looking for a subtle enhancement, classic lashes are the way to go. If you’re after a bold and dramatic appearance, volume lashes can deliver that.

Personal Style and Comfort: Ultimately, the best lash extensions are the ones that suit your personal style, preferences, and comfort level. Lash extensions should make you feel confident and beautiful, so it’s important to choose a style that resonates with you.

It’s essential to consult with our professional lash technician who can assess your natural lashes, discuss your preferences, and guide you in selecting the right type of lash extensions. Keep in mind that the health of your natural lashes should always be a top priority when making your decision.

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