Benexere 22C Thermal Slimming Cream 500ml



Warming, slimming cream with Pineapple and Ivy extract, Capsicum Oleoresin and Ginkgo biloba.


Warming, slimming cream with Pineapple and Ivy extract, Capsicum Oleoresin and Ginkgo biloba.

Action: thermogenic cream for professional use, with intensive action against blemishes caused by localised, resistant and predominantly adipose cellulite. Stimulates microcirculation and accelerates local cell metabolism, facilitating the natural absorption of reducing active ingredients. Ginkgo biloba: protects blood vessels, tones, improves the vascular function of microcirculation. Pineapple: astringent, ideal for the skin, improves circulation nd slows down the occurrence of oedema and water retention. Capsicum oleoresin: a powerful local stimulant, derived from the chilli pepper, with warming, anti-inflammatory and analgesic action. Ivy: rejuvenating, soothing, toning.

How to use: apply the product generously to the blemished areas of the body, massaging lightly until fully absorbed. Avoid sensitive areas (e.g. underarms and groin). The thermogenic effect varies from person to person. Wrap the treated areas in a transparent film to maximise the thermogenic action. Combined with mud, algae and clay, its action is increased. After applying the thermogenic cream as described above, apply the mud, algae or clay and wrap in high-density polyethylene; complete the treatment. Wash your hands after applying the product.

When to use: At home, every other day or every day for those suffering from a high number of blemishes.

It improves the overall functionality of microcirculation. Pineapple extract also boasts soothing properties and reduces redness, particularly suitable for treating blemishes caused by cellulite.

Extract of Capsicum
Extract of capsicum contains carotenoids and substances with a rubefacient effect: it brings circulation back to the surface and reactivates skin microcirculation. When applied to the skin it increases blood flow and provides heat.

Hedera helix extract
The extracts are used in products intended for the adjuvant treatment of cellulite and to the simultaneous treatment of skin tension and swelling.

Ginkgo biloba
In cosmetics, it is used to protect the skin from oxidative stress, in anti-aging products designed to improve microcirculation functionality (cellulite and capillary fragility).


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