Benexere 6C Fast-Acting Anti Adipose Cream 500ml


Rapid action fatty-deposit reducing cream with complex of Caffeine, Pineapple and Centella asiatica.

Action: cream to combat imper fections caused by fat and cellulite pineapple: astringent, improves circulation and slows down the occurrence of oedema and water retention. Caffeine: stimulates cell metabolism, helping to reduce fat tissue. Thermogenic. Centella: facilitates synthesis of collagen and elastin, toning d elasticising the connective tissue. Quickly absorbed.
How to use: apply the product to the relevant areas of the body, massage using the preferred technique until fully absorbed.

When to use: Self-treatment, daily application to the areas requiring treatment, massaging lightly until fully absorbed.

It improves the overall functionality of microcirculation. Pineapple extract also boasts soothing properties and reduces redness, particularly suitable for treating blemishes caused by cellulite.

Caffeine is contained in reduction products as it stimulates skin microcirculation and helps to eliminate excess fluid, making the skin firmer.


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