Rejuve Interactive Aseptic 40ml


Although acne typically appears first during adolescence, hormonally influenced acne usually begins in the early to mid-twenties and can persist well into adulthood. All skin types can suffer acne breakouts but oily skins are more susceptible. It begins in the form of comedones, blackheads and build up of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin. If the face is not cleansed and exfoliated, the keratinized cells build up and the excess sebum produced, accumulates within the pores and they become blocked. Bacteria favor this condition and begin to grow within the pores, feeding on the sebum present, releasing fatty acid waste. The result is blemishes/breakout activity and inflammation of the skin.

Main actives:
• Titanium Dioxide- A physical sunscreen, protecting from UVA and UVB and acts as whitening agent.
• Salicylic Acid- a beta-hydroxy acid, stimulates natural exfoliation to allow detoxification of clogged follicles, even skin tone, smooth away dull skin and regulate skin cells.
• Alpha arbutin- promotes whitening and evens skin tone. Inhibits oxidation of tyrosine, melanin production, thus preventing hyperpigmentation.
• Lactobionic acid- antioxidant.
• Lavandula angustifolia oil-helps the skin heals itself, stimulate cell growth, reduces inflammation, prevents scarring and balances the production of oil.
• Sulfur- Kills bacteria on the skin, clears whiteheads and blackheads and effective on treating mild and moderate acne.
• Retinyl Palmitate- helps stimulate collagen and reverse signs of prematurely induced photo aging. Helps to increase skin elasticity while enhancing barrier functions.
• Tocopheryl acetate- antioxidant and skin protection.

Benefits of use
The Interactive Aseptic is a topical cream that works by destroying the bacteria responsible for acne breakouts, drying the blemishes, dissolving the keratolytic cells within the follicle that block the pores, clearing the pores from cellular debris and reducing inflammation that is caused by the skin. It also accelerates the natural desquamation process, promoting the sloughing away of dead cells on the skin. Also, it avoids pigmentation spots that appear following the breakouts and ensure that the moisture is not lost from inside the skin


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