Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Here at Essence of Beauty, we have upgraded our laser equipment to give you the best in laser technology! This enables you to have an efficient and painless experience, to have a hair-free body, and no longer be concerned about body hair.

With the gold standard, safe, medical-grade Diode and Alexandrite laser, the laser treatment is totally comfortable! Especially given that the tip is frozen when the lasers are active, hence cooling the skin. Our Professional Therapists select the perfect treatment for you, using the dual laser. This permits the emission of a single wavelength or both at the same time, dosing the desired percentage of each one and ensuring an even more effective hair removal treatment. Motion speed covers all the areas efficiently, from fine light brown hair to the darkest black!

With all these benefits, our laser hair removal treatments are the most gratifying and feasible choice for anyone who wants to invest in themselves and is looking forward to smooth and hairless days.

How many sessions do you need for laser to be effective?

Our Diode and Alexandrite dual laser treatments are effective on fine, light brown to dark hair and on any skin type. Laser is ideally applied when the hair is in its anagen phase of hair growth. It is for this reason that the treatment must be repeated with an interval of at least one month; not all hairs are in the same phase of growth at the same time. The number of treatments needed to achieve hair reduction varies. Most clients experience a marked reduction in hair growth after four to six treatments. Additionally, other factors such as hair density, age and hormones fluctuation can affect the results of your treatments. It would be fair to say that you will require at least four treatments. In addition, although laser hair removal is touted as a permanent option, it is not guaranteed, and you may need occasional touch-up treatments. Laser hair removal treatments will not work on any non-pigmented (white/grey) hairs in the treatment area.

When can I have a laser treatment?

After any type of hair removal method.

As a pre-treatment, the area to be treated should not have:

  • Been exposed to sunlight for at least five days
  • A tan
  • Had any sun tanning treatments
  • Been treated with body creams for five days
  • Been treated with any perfume or body products containing alcohol
  • Had any exfoliation of the skin, for two days. Note: if a chemical peel has been applied, this skin
  • requires a down time of four weeks before laser can be applied.

These guidelines also apply for a minimum of five days after the treatment too.


  • The hair on the treatment area must be skin shaven, except the face. This is required 24-48 hours prior to treatment.
  • Other skin and health conditions will be discussed prior to treatment.
  • A consultation is obligatory.
  • Ideally, light colour clothing and non-reflective jewellery is worn during the treatment.

Why is shaving prior to treatment important?

When having the hair shaved 24 hours before the treatment, the laser treatment is more successful.  The laser is not lost in the hair that is out on the skin, but is effective on the hair inside the skin; the laser is a treatment that is attracted to the chromophores (the colour) of the hair. Therefore, the laser is absorbed only where needed, making the sensitivity more comfortable.

What happens just after the laser treatment?

Once the treatment is successful, the hairs are laser zapped and still in the hair follicle. Hair will still follow the natural growth process and therefore, within 7-10 days many of the noticeable treated hairs will just shed off, while others that don’t, will need further treatment together with the new growth. Following the hair growth cycle, scheduling a follow-up session, and following the guidance of our Professional Therapists, will make the treatments mostly successful.

The skin must be protected from the sun, especially in the first two weeks. Apply sun protection on the treated areas that will be exposed to the sun.

Can I remove the hairs in between laser treatments?

Ideally, you do not apply any hair removal treatment other than laser treatment. However, if you really need to have hair-free skin for a particular event, shaving is suggested from the 10th day, post-laser session.

What is the frequency of the treatment sessions?

Laser hair removal treatments are carried out by professionally trained therapists who will decide when treatment is needed. These are carried out depending on the treatment results and the understanding of the professional therapist applying the treatment. Usually, initial treatments are about four weeks apart and then extended, depending on the results.

Is the laser painful?

Our gold standard, safe, medical-grade Diode and Alexandrite laser have the tip frozen when lasers are active to cool the skin, this makes the laser treatment totally comfortable. A patch test can be organised for you to test and try the treatment.

What are the post-laser treatment recommendations?

Clients are warned not to have a bath or shower with very hot water or attend a sauna or any hot or very warm temperatures. This includes exposure to the sun, especially to the treated areas for 14 days post-treatment. It is very important to wear sunblock and repeat application over the treated area according to the SPF factor chosen. For example, SPF15 X4 = to repeat every 1hr / SPF50 X4 = 3.5hrs. when sitting in the sun, unless shade is continuously present.

Is laser only for hair removal treatments?

Our laser treatments are also used to do specialised face treatments:
For pigmentation, to treat uneven skin colour.
For anti-ageing, for cell renewal and skin tightening.
For acne and post acne scars, to reduce inflammation, bacteria and cell renewal.


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