Specialised Facial Laser Treatments

Why Choose Facial Laser Resurfacing Specialised treatment?

Xlase Laser is a non-ablative treatment, which means that the laser will not remove the surface layer of the skin, so no down time is required. The laser will deliver heat, deep into the dermis, bypassing the top layers of the skin (the epidermis), without affecting the surrounding tissue.
Xlase resurfacing Peel and Diode Laser can treat the deep and superficial layers of the skin, effective for the treatment of specific skin issues.

The effects of laser on the skin:

Forced cell renewal process to resurface the skin, smoothing out the appearance of the skin and shedding any impurities.
Increased Level of Oxygen in the skin, that makes the skin look brighter and more radiant.

Stimulates collagen production to fill in unwanted skin imperfections such as fine lines or wrinkles.

Improves circulation and lymphatic flow.

Immediate skin tightening effect.

Reduces the appearance of hyperpigmented spots, especially post-acne marks.

Dries the Acne source at sebaceous gland level to dry and eliminate bacteria.

To make the laser treatment more successful with visible results, our Xlase resurfacing facial treatments are done in combination with the cliniceuticals products Rejuve, together with the use of the specific Alpha Peel Mandelic Acid. Mandelic acid resurfacing peel promotes the cell renewal process at the epidermal layer (surface layers of the skin) and stimulates the formation of collagen between dead cells, detaching them from the skin.

Xlase skin resurfacing treatment can also be done in combination with Micro needling treatments to achieve maximum results.

Rejuve Products, are not like any other skin care, they are prescription strength products formulated by an expert biochemist, aesthetic physician, and their teams. They created these high performance and high concentration formulas with active ingredients using a specific technological strategy called nanotechnology. Nanotechnology makes the products penetrate different levels of the skin, due to different molecular weights, thus acting on the different levels of the skin with maximum effect, where specifically needed.

Xlase Facial Laser Resurfacing Peel Procedure for Rejuvenation

What makes skin age quicker?

Sun radiation | Pollution | Lack of sleep | Stress | Malnutrition | Tobacco | Extreme Temperatures

The visible signs of aged skin are:

Lines and wrinkles
Loss of elasticity and firmness
Spots and Pigmentation
Loss of Radiance
Uneven texture and roughness
Dry Skin
Thin Skin

For a rejuvenating effect, the laser treatment heats the hydration found in the skin, causing the heating of collagen, the protein present in the skin responsible for elasticity. This results in the immediate contraction of the fibres, thus showing an immediate effect of skin tightening. Subsequently, the skin produces new collagen to act as a long-term filler of the fine lines and wrinkles, resulting in improved skin texture.
As the laser targets hyperpigmentation spots, the destruction of melanin accumulation leads to lightening of the skin, resulting in an improved skin colour.
The destruction of porphyrins found in blood haemoglobin leads to a clearing of capillaries and redness as a general effect, calming the skin sensitivity.
Improves circulation and lymphatic flow.

Immediate skin tightening effect.

Increased Level of Oxygen in the skin, making the skin look brighter and more radiant.

Xlase Facial Laser Resurfacing Peel Procedure for Pigmentation

Laser targets the specific area of pigmentation because the laser is absorbed only by cells containing an excessive concentration of pigmentation. This causes efficient pigmented cell destruction, while leaving the surrounding tissue undamaged.
Before treating pigmentation, during consultation, the therapist will discuss the visible pigmentation on the skin, to understand the nature, as not all, over-pigmented skin can be treated with laser.

Pigmentation can be of various types.

Overproduction of Melanin leading to darkening of skin and formation of brown spots

Types of hyperpigmentation: Age spots / liver spots | Freckles | Sun spots | Pregnancy mask | Post inflammatory spots.

What causes Hyperpigmentation?

Disorders that cause inflammation: Sun exposure | Hormonal changes | Stress | Heredity | Acne | Botched skin treatments. Particularly hyperpigmented skin disorders must first undergo other treatment before being treated with Laser treatment. This is discussed with the professional skin therapist during consultation.

Xlase Facial Laser Resurfacing Peel Procedure for Acne and Oily Skin

Acne happens when pores in the skin fill up with dead skin cells, oil and bacteria, which eventually become inflamed and burst. When this happens in the deep layers of the skin, all infected matter disperses into the deeper tissues, resulting in even bigger lesions.

Treatment of Acne with Diode Laser
Penetrates deep into the skin to reach the sebaceous gland
Energy is absorbed by the tissue, destroying bacterial activity
Targeting the source of acne related problems
Dries and eliminates bacteria

Treatments Application:

The ideal frequency is every three to four weeks, to work simultaneously with the natural skin cell renewal process. Treatment can be repeated as desired or as per the skin therapist’s recommendation, depending on the goals to be achieved. Treatment is not recommended if the skin is to be very exposed to the sun during the hottest summer months.

Pre and Post Laser treatment recommendations are the same as those for hair removal laser treatments. Special care must be taken when the skin is exposed in sunlight. Make sure that a facial sunscreen is used every day in the morning.


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